Structured cabling system

While structured cabling accounts for a small portion of total network investment, it accounts for approximately 80% of the network's efficiency. For this reason, a structured cabling system, concentrating all types of information services in a single system and being a universal data transmission base, is considered the basis of a telecommunications system in all modern enterprises.

In today's fast-paced business environment, enterprises are increasingly under pressure to deploy more and more diverse data applications across their networks. This, in turn, requires that the infrastructure supporting communications technologies be kept up and ready for use at all times.

A structured cabling system helps keep cables organized without clutter, keeping a company's entire wired infrastructure organized. This way, if there is any problem on the network, it will be very easy to check if there is a problem with the cable connections. If there is any fault in the cables, changes can be made without having to replace the entire existing network, and the cables causing the problem can be quickly replaced. It also makes better use of company resources by reducing the chance of human error during repairs and changes.

The planning, design and installation of your wired network infrastructure is carried out to the highest standard by our professional and experienced technicians. The services we offer include technical support for your system after installation, troubleshooting and, if necessary, updating. We fully guarantee that the implemented systems are reliable, durable and safe.

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